For Sale:


No, I am not relocating.  Brian, Beatrice, Barry, Sugar and I are happy right here in the boro.  We are not going any where – unless it is on vacation.  But, one of my favorite houses IS for sale.  I have been following this little house since seeing it on one of my favorite blogs,

The house is so cute, cozy, charming…and green.  It is SO me. Or, SO the green me. It’s not the “I want to be a millionaire me. Or, the I love my coach hand bag me.  Or, the my baby has the same linens as Baby Suri me.”  But, it is the green, deep down under, earth mama, organic me. 

Even more, it is about an hour from Manhatten.  I brake for Manhatten, baby!   Danny Seo is the eco-editor of Country Home, has his house in Bucks County, PA on the market. And guess what, the purchase of the house comes with your very own DVD, “Simple Steps to a Greener Home.” Is that cool, or what?  You can check it out here:  It reminds me of the beach house — if the beach house were in the mountains of Pennsylvania and a little more posh. 

Happy House Hunting.  I wish I could move to Bucks County.