“Shoot,” she said.  “Darn it. How in the world did I get myself into this?” said the innocent yet ever enthusiastic one.

Shoot, is right. And, I mean really, literally shoot. Somehow, I have managed to become a member of a Skeet Shoot Team.  Yes, crazy as it is, it was MY idea.  The peculiararity of the situation is that I have no idea how to shoot a gun, much less a skeet. Oh, no.  How do I manage to always get myself into these type things?  It looked so easy.  They toss skeet out and you shoot them.  Well, it ain’t that easy, honey.  I shot a gun for the first time last week and it was all that I could do to ready-aim-fire, much less actually hit something. More, the “something (the skeet)” is MOVING through the air. Some people can shoot two or three of them. Oh, geez.  Oh, shoot.

Next Friday I will shoot skeet in the 2nd Annual Cultural Clays Tournament for the Averitt Center for the Arts here in Statesboro.  Perhaps I should say I will try to shoot skeet.  I am shooting with Christy M, Kate G, and Jessica T.  Jessica has gone to state twice in the sport, Christy lives on a farm, and Kate has shot before. Jessica is so good that she has a 16 gage especially made for her — a custom gun. Poor ladies. They have little ol’ me, griney-go-annie-oakley on the team. 

Wish me luck as my husband and brother in law (Denny H) try to help me today. I have only five days to the tourney. Oh, shoot.