While browsing through a catalog I stumbled upon this dress.  Oh, J.Crew how I love you.  I am totally digging it. I mean, really liking it.  Someone please buy this dress for me.  I do not have $500.00 to spare.  Patchwork is one of my secret pleasures. It is one of my weaknesses, my closet desires. I love, love, love this dress!  Forget the Cobler’s Bench.  And, kiss-off Ralph Lauren.  To hell with Izod. Reminding me of my inner hippie, this toggery makes my heart smile.  Peace. Love. And, burritoes for sale!  Oh, this dress is REALLY bringing back the memories. Here they come. They are rolling in, knocking down the pins of my conservative persona.  The memories are barreling right down the middle. They are heavy balls avoiding the gutter. Heavy. BAM! The old-line, bourgeois, pompous, common and conventional ass pin is floored.  BAM! There goes another one. My memory is coming back ever quickly. BAM! Another one bites the dust. The gates are open as the recollections colorfully decorate the walls of my mind.

Bonnoroo.  The smell of puchuli (or however you spell it). My one old patchwork dress and my nike hiking kicks.  Red Rocks. Gratful Dead shows.  Brian’s long hair. Crazy hair. My greasy hair.  Camping in the desert. Camping in a Kansas windstorm.  Oh, my goodness, the wind was terrible.  Rest stops. And, Wal-mart parking lots. Missing my dog so much tears roll down my face. Barry, oh barry.   Mountain goats.  Brian spending too much money on gaterade.  My hand made beads. My hemp necklaces. And, oh, my hand sewn pouches. They were super cute.  The girls in Denver.  The old camper.  The lonely feeling of being the only sober person.  The one wacko drinking water, yes that was strange, strange me.  The fun of the hike to the top of the hill with a cooler full of burritoes. Even better:  comong back down with an empty cooler. Yeah baby that means money honey!  Fields of sunflowers.  The Green of Montana.  The glaciers. The mountain goats. Aspen, Breckinridge, St. Louis. 

oh, I must stop. Pretty little patchwork dress. You make me smile.  You make the rainbows of my brain bethink.  I am reliving. I am taking a breath and relaxing. Breathe in. Breathe out.  Retrospect. Reminince.

You make me dream little patchwork dress.