Well, the one-on-one with Brian didn’t go as expected. In fact, I didn’t even shoot a thing.† My hands never touched a gun. Conversely, the boys all got a lot of practice.† I mean a LOT.¬† What a bust!¬† So, much for teaching me how to shoot a gun hubby.† It was all laughs and giggles when my father-in-law brought out the little gun for me. Oh, it was not a good experience. It was not a good day.† My mind was turbulent. It was stormy in between the walls of my brain. †There was a twister in there!† I felt so bewildered. I thought this was me and Brian’s day to practice, to bond, to share a hobby together.¬† Hmm…I think I better search for a stand in.† Friday will be here soon.† Oh shoot,† the things I get myself into.