Pizza - Kid's Menu  

I saw the cutest children this morning. They were all making pizzas at Papa’s Pizza.  B and I went to a Pizza Party!  The event was sponsored by the Moms Club of Statesboro.  Peperoni, please.  The chef-kids made pizzas and calzones before the restaurant gave them tokens to play games.  Oh, and there was a tour of the kitchen.  The morning experience was so great.   B had a good time mingling with the other babies and watching the older kids.  Mama had a good time mingling with the stay-at-home mamas.  I am in love with this group as this was my first event.  The association is so fast-forward for Statesboro. There is a baby sitting co-op, secret mama’s, play groups, a book club, and much more. There is even a desperate housewives group that helps hang curtains, paint living rooms, and any other household work.  Gosh, I have lots of unfinished projects. Where can I sign up? I belive, I AM a desperate housewife.  Certainly, I fit the bill. I have tons of unfinished project.   There are about forty mothers in the assembly of posh mamas. From going to movies together to brunch buddy groups this is a bustling bunch. I was SO impressed. I am so refreshed.  Go, Statesboro Mothers. I am so happy to be one of you!

Here is a link to the group: