Brian was running late from work as he had an electrical job after his professional job.  Hooray for redbpower!  So, he picked up the baby sitter on the way home before even taking a shower.  I am sure she thought, “Pee, Yew.” We considered cancelling but the sitter was already booked.  Plus, we had both been anticipating a night out for a while.  We kept our date.  I clipped the movie schedule but we nixed that idea.  We finally ended up at Longhorn for a late dinner.  It wasn’t any thing fancy schmanzy or even exciting.  In fact, I had eaten there for lunch with D & L that same day. But that wasn’t the point.  It was simply nice to have privacy away from the babe, the ringing phone, the television,  visitors.  It was just the two of us together for a quiet evening.  I love quiet these days.  I live for muffles, low pitches, stillness, unspeaking, and noiseless.  I like to be reserved. We didn’t drink much. Although, I DID have a blackberry peach Margarita that was specktacular.  And, Brian had a beer or two.  Being able to sincerely focus on eating and conversation was relaxing and ever enjoyable.  Due to the time the restaurant was rather vacant making it more personal than usual. We finished much earlier than we had hired the sitter.  “Let’s don’t go home yet,” Brian said as we exited the parking lot.  “Yes, you MUST be a mind reader,” I laughed.  We rode around like old fogies. We drove out to Brooklet and back across town by the lights of the fair.  As veterens of nightlife, it was ironically fun to take it easy.  I liked my easy night at Longhorn.  Maybe we will try Christophers on our next outing.  I have heard it was delicious from a friend whose taste I trust.