Hmm…my brain has been churning. I have been brainstorming but haven’t come up with any thing creative.  I am going to a MOMs Club brunch tomorrow. The theme: Fall Foods.  I think one mom is bringing Pumpkin Bread. Another mom is making chili.  Any ideas?  Anyone?  Anyone?  I will be super happy if you leave your ideas in my comment box.  I don’t know how to tell you to leave a comment.

While I am on here, I am posting pic of Mere’s baby.  I haven’t heard from her in so long but she sent me pics today.  Her baby is super cute! I can hardly resist babies and pumpkin pictures. Oh, my goodness, she is so cute! So, I am including it to spice up my post.  It goes with the fall foods theme, don’t you think?

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