Southern Pet Sitters 

Southern Pet Sitters is in the straights. And, it worries me.  It worries me a lot, in fact. My dearest friend and largest confidant, my husband, keeps reminding me that “it’s not any of your business.”  After three years in the industry, I sold it.  But, in my defense, I built that business as had those before me.  By wrapping my heart, soul and mind around it, I made it mine.  I worked every day in the business and loved every, well most every, single minute of it.  “You didn’t say that on Christmas. Nor, Thanksgiving,” Brian reminds me.  And yes, he is right. But, I think it was my calling.  We won international recognition with that little business. It was such a simple business — low overhead, low investment. Yet, it was ever emotionally and financially successful.  We were slated to win the 2007 Pet Sitting Business of the Year.   But, I sold out.  Dr. Gary Edwards, a local veterinarian and professional friend, once asked me, “if you won the lottery tomorrow would you still pet sit?”  I surprised him when I said yes.  The truth is yes, I would.  Really, I would. Being a pet sitter is one of the most amazing jobs in the world. You are able to make animals content, satisfied & happy and thru them people happy.  It’s an invaluable service that you can only appreciate when you have furry family members to care for and a will to vacation or a job that travels.  I know that the new owners will glide thru the bumps.  But the bumps are stressing me out.  I feel lost without my job, without my income. It had become my identity. I never dreamed I would miss it so much.  I sold out. I took the money and ran at my business consultants advice.  Our accountant specifically told me to do cart wheels out of the attorneys office.  I didn’t. It was a solemn goodbye.  As a mother, I know it was a wise decision. And, as a business person I know it was financially advantageous for me to sell at that time.  Honestly, though, I regret it sometimes.  I miss the relationships and the friends that I made.  I miss being the bread winner. I miss the feeling of accomplishment and the satisfaction of a job well done.  I miss crunching numbers, stalking the business stats, creating business strategies, and financial reports.  I miss loving what I do. 

*NOTE:  You should see a picture at the top of the page. I think I have correctly added it to my blog. If you do not see a picture then let me know so that I can tinker a little more.  Again, I am in a quest to learn how to blog. 

NOTE, NOTE:  This is not a current picture. This is a picture from last year BEFORE I tipped the scales with my pregnancy.  I have developed severe camera-phobe as I do not have any current photos.   This is my disclaimer so you don’t think I am one of those cheesy people who only puts old photos of themselves on-line.  But, you guys know me better than that.