Will is a friend and a neighbor. He actually came over to visit and campaign a little bit on Saturday.  This post is no way indicative of my voting habits (that’s secret) or gives any insight into the way I will vote. Will’s opposition is a great candidate with a wonderful focus for downtown dwellers. Well, rather than dwellers, I should say home owners.  We are so that makes him very appealing. The Historic District he proposes will add property value. Yeah, baby, that is what we are looking for.  But as I mentioned, Will is a long time friend of Brian and I’s – we all go back to kid-hood here in the ‘boro. We were in the class of ’93. Will and I actually went thru Bulloch Youth Leadership together back in 19??. You see where it got us.  Hah, I am laughing loudly at that one.  And, we were State Officers for Y-Club back in the day, too.  Again, I have to laugh a little.  I feel like I should help a homeboy out no matter which way I vote. Here is a mass message that he sent out: 

Note From Will Britt:

this is the first of a few messages about voting in the upcoming city council election.

here is the deal
– im running for city council
– id like your support and vote
-id like to assist you in voting by offering you a ride to early voting or with absentee ballots
-id like your help in getting other people to the polls

early voting is open to everyone
a registered voted can vote at statesboro city hall 9 am to 5 pm oct 29th to nov 2nd

election day is nov 6th

please let me know when you would like to vote

one vote matters

our voice will be heard

four years ago i only won by 49 votes

this year id like to sleep better monday the 5th, so help me get my votes early


call, text, facebook, myspace me or email me back


forward this to other friendstake a moment to help out