It was down an old, dirt, winding road that we drove to the party.  The site was PERFECT for the event.  There were horses, cats, a bulldog named Flower, and a yard full of costumed children and happy Moms.  The children were so cute!  Discarding her afternoon nap, Beatrice was surprisingly well mannered. She was very content to sit in my arms and watch all the dinosaurs, princess’, pirates, cowboys and skunks play.  By the end of the event she was asleep in my arms.  Every time I turned around there was another cute costume.  With Spiderman looming, an airplane zooming around, a flower sprouting, and several cheerleaders it felt as if were cast into a cartoon episode. 

Oh, I forgot the fun part:  B received a medal!  Beatrice got the Softest Costume Award.  Go Baby B!
I created a slideshow. I regret that I did not get more photos to include everyone there.  It is my very first slide show. Please bear with my expertise level. Enjoy!