The aroma of fresh baked bread fills the kitchen.  An opened jar of pimientos colorfully decorates the counter while diced black olives are stacked nearby.  “Hey babe, what are you cooking?” my husband questions as he enters my lair.  “Oh, nothing,” I answered.  “Nothing,” he questions. “It sure looks good,” he smiles while rubbing his belly. “If you insist on knowing, I am making snakes,” I surrender my secret.  “Yikes!” he exclaimed. 

Realizing it rings creepy, yes I am making snakes, snakes for B’s Halloween Party.  Tomorrow, tomorrow.  Tomorrow is B’s  very first Halloween Party!   Admittedly she has shown little enthusiasm for the affair. But, I am bubbling with excitement.  After hours of shopping and deliberating over her costume I finally selected a Tom Arma bunny.   I love it!   Usually, I am attracted to homemade costumes.  This one is so cute, however.  I couldn’t resist the image of B dressed up in this number.  She looks like a plush bunny rabbit.  It makes you want to squeeze her, hug her, and whisk her off to bed!  I assume this will be one of the only years that I have total control over her selection.  Mama can choose what Mama wants to choose.  So, I better enjoy it to the fullest.  I am!

Equally as excited with the costume as with the party, I have been looking forward to making my first goodies for her.  It makes me feel like a “real mother.”  The only requirement of the party is that you bring a healthy snack.  Being a Mother is so much fun!  Just call me Christy Cleaver.  My mind has been whirling all week.  What in the world can I make for Halloween that is healthy and fun?  I finally decided that I would make snakes out of bread stick dough, snap on two eyes out of sliced black olives, and stitch in a pimiento tongue.  Ssssss.

Until tomorrow I sign this post,

B’s Mamasssssssss