Oh, my dear God above.  As I read the paper today, my neck craned forward, my hands clinched each side of the document as I brought it forward to my face.  A smile spread across my face as my mouth fell open wide. No way, I thought. There is absolutely no way. OPRAH IS COMING TO GEORGIA.  But, she is.  Hooray! She will be in Macon on November 17th.  This is the best news I have heard in a long time. I love Oprah.  Upon reading this delightful news, I raced to the computer to check on-line reservations. Tick, peck, tick, tap, tick. My fingers dance across the keyboard, expediently tapping the route to my on-line destination.  Maybe my dreams WILL come true.  I would love to go to the Oprah Show.  The trek is on my  list of things to do in this lifetime.  In fact, it is in the top ten.  Oprah is the only show that I watch semi-religiously. And, I have for years.  To my disappointment but not to my surprise, the show is booked. They are no longer accepting reservations.  If you are a survivor of domestic abuse you can submit your story of violence with hopes of being selected to attend.  Unfortunately, or fortunately, I do not fit the bill. Rats!  Oprah is one of my heroines. I think she is a modern prophet, an angel here on Planet Earth. She spreads happiness, light and love. I want to see her, darn it.  Hmm…she promotes The Secret.  That is it. There’s my ticket. I will hope and wish a chance to go to the show. I will use The Secret to secure my space in her audience.   See you there! The Secret