Apparently Under the Blue Moonhad a great Halloween Party. Check it out, here.  Her blog makes it look like so much fun!  Entirely envious, I noticed  she did a great job.  As I look at her pictures it reminds me:  we failed. And, we failed amazingly bad.  Who?  Brian and I.  Brian and I promised ourselves that we would have a Halloween Party this year. As we sat on the front porch batching out candy and doting over the fabulous costumes last October we dreamt of the best Halloween Party ever.  And, we made plans accordingly – bright plans, vivid plans, fun plans. With invitations to all of our friends and family we would have a candidly decorated, all too spooky house.  “Mummys and Frankenstein,” Brian envisioned.  Couples with children could trick or treat down Savannah Avenue while the childless guests consume cocktails.  The kids could play and the adults could…well, play.  In our minds we arranged bails of hay and apple bobbing contests on the front lawn.  “We can look for dancing Elvis, Dorothy and Toto, or the giant pumpkin with our friends,” we said.  Yay. How much fun.  Brian and I are such dreamers.  The trick-or-treaters came one by one, sometimes by the load, sometimes sparingly. The time between the carloads and the walkers was utilized to make the arrangements for the upcoming All-Hallows eve gala, the next-year event.  The planned menu included ghoulish treats, decor of spider webs and coffins. Everything was dark with spots of purple, orange and red.  Upon a Blue Moon’s partyis a gentle reminder that sometimes my husband and I fail to implement our dreams, our plans, and our arrangements.  Our calender is not reflective of a Halloween Party.  Admittedly, we have fun creating our plans in our minds. No need to worry about failing to implement our party strategy this year. Afterall,  we’ll have a Halloween party next year!