We went to the doctor today for a flu shot.  And, B didn’t even flinch. She did not  utter a word when the nurse delivered the prick.  I asked if this is normal.  “Once in a blue moon we have a baby that doesn’t cry. It’s rare but it’s okay. She’s a happy baby,” she reassured me.  In the photos she is dressed and ready to leave the office — no crying, nojore.

B in Doggie komon 2      B in Doggie Komo

P.S. I love this little doggie kimono.  It has other components like little feet with paw prints on the bottom and a hat with dog ears. If you look you can see the tiny dog bones on the front.  I think, I kept Abbigails in business as I bought one for every baby on my list when I was pet sitting. 

Oh, and I forgot to post a very important milestone.  B started crawling over the weekend! She doesn’t truly crawl. Rather, she scoots with one leg and drags the other one along.  Regardless of her strategy she loco-motes from one end of the room to the other. Go B, go!