so, it was halloween. i distinctly remember going trick or treating until about the fifth grade, i can’t confirm whether i went after that. but, I promised myself and so did my mother that was it.  THAT WAS IT.  Trick or treating into highschool, college, or adulthood, i just didn’t do it.  I don’t do it. I’d love to hear some stories of people still going strong! I want to know your motivations, obsessessions and reasons why.  Because, why, WHY in the world would you do it?

People, seriously… SERIOUSLY… where does the need to be The Girl Who Gets The Most Candy  come from? is it a  competition or something? do you have to be the most-remembered person at the party, the one who collects the most cavaity producing morsels in one round? because what everyone is thinking is: That Is Unnecessary.

And, please if you are going to participate in the holiday faux pas, please wear a costume and at least carry a bag.  do not just stick out your hand and utter an expressionless request for candy, nor stick your paws in the goody bowl.  when you stand before the gracious treat gods show SOMEthing off.  please show off something else next halloween: your brain, your creativity, your most awesome and original costume idea, some sparkley glasses, a bag with a hand drawn picture of, well anything.  make people laugh instead of gawk and make them jealous of your successful brainstorming rather than your apparent rudeness.

oh, and don’t come into someone’s yard asking for candy while holding your cigarette behind your back.  it can be seen. it can be smelled.  don’t pretend the smoke is some quirky part of your spooky costume, or that it is being released from your plastic witch’s cauldron. because it’s not. 

apparently anyone who did not have any where else to go was magnetized to downtown statesboro. admittedly, there were some amazing costumes, some fancy costumes and some people with manners. and, about every 20th person or so, a neighbor or friend was recognized. but the carloads of individuals who came from who knows where, who weren’t even walking need to learn some halloween etiquette.

next year we are posting a sign that says NO COSTUME, NO CANDY — we should add to the list NO BAGS, NO MANNERS, NO CANDY. oh, and NO SMOKING, please.