Papa snapped these tonight. We were getting ready to go to dinner.  You can barely see my blue shirt, but it’s one of my new finds : ). I think Beatrice likes to get dressed just as much as I like to dress her up. It’s fun!

B in blue dress 

This dress came out of one of Great Grandmother’s sacks-of-good-finds.  Thank goodness for her passion for shopping.  We love it!

It’s getting late. And, I have got to run.  I am sleepy.  Here’s a quick snap of my new glasses.  Come on camera, make me look skinny and pretty.  Work your magic nice Nikon. Here it is.  Don’t you love my snoggles — these are my new glasses.  The funny thing is, one eye has perfect vision. The other has a stigma.  So, I can see out of one eye, just not the other.

With one eye on the prize (and the other still trying to focus),

 B’s Mama