Peek a boo Peek a boo, baby! 

After mo-sing down to St. Simons this Saturday, we had a GREAT weekend.  The family mobile was loaded with the whole fam – even Barry and Sugar.  Saturday night, Brian, B and I went to Blackwater Grill, St. Simons Island, GeorgiaBlackwater Grill.  It was delicious.  You can see their menu, here.  I had a Berry-tini – Super Fun!  After dinner, we put baby to bed before enjoying a glass of wine and R&R on the deck.  We talked and rested and sipped while listening to the radio (louder than we should, longer than we should).  The tunes danced underneath the blanket of a gentle rustle from the trees.  A sheet of waves covered that.  The crashing could be heard as it poked thru the sound covers.  It was great.  I mean, it was really wonderful.  On Sunday, we went up to Darien to shop at the Strasburg Store and Ralph Lauren.  Yeah, baby.  Yeah, Mama! Dad was in tow so I didn’t get to bring home any kadoodles from the Strasburg Store.  Rats! I was in heaven as I love to dress up B.  Papa was, well, less than thrilled.  He didn’t think the prices were “outlet” at all.  I promised B we would be back without Papa on a Mommy/Daughter extravaganza.  “Shhh…it will be our little secret,” I promised.  I did score at the RL store, though.  I even found a belt big enough for my post-delivery size.   RL is one of my deepest weaknesses.  It always has been and it always will be.  I was in heaven – with two bags to prove it. Shake what cha’ mama gave yuh.  And, you know those athletic socks I am obsessed with. I FOUND them there.  Yayayayayay! Soft, comfy, and well fitted, I could hardly keep myself from kissing my feet all the way home. I love those socks, but that’s another blog-eroni. Sunday afternoon Brian headed to the Moran Theatre to see the Panic Show in Jacksonville — male bonding and free time.  ScruffyFor some reason he always lets his beard grow out before he goes to a show.  He must feel liberated when he is scruffy. Mr. Wild and Free.  B and I caught up with the Curriers.  We were amazed that even at 8 months the girls are already playing together.  Baby L likes to pull B’s hair and B likes to sit on Lilly.  It’s hilariuos.  We packed up early this morning to head back to the ‘boro to enjoy the rest of Papa’s day off. 

barry and sugar 

Barry and Sugar get some R&R!