shawn 1 q 1_edited  

Here’s Shawn`and Q Halloweening San Francisco style. I LOVE it!  As I viewed all their pictures, I was more refreshed with each one.  Halloween has always been one of Brian and I’s favorite holidays, and it still is.  It was just different this year with all the focus on the Baby Rabbit.  These pictures rekindle my adult spirit and remind me of life before B.  The photos also rekindle my longing for the liberal, free spirit of the West Coast.  San Fran remains on the top of my favorite U.S. cities. I could go again, and again, and again with excitement each visit.  Maybe we will get out to visit the happy couple. Yeah, that’s what I am talking about.  Taking it from the East Coast to the West.  Here’s to missing them. Here’s to tricky, tricky, trick or treating.  And, here’s to Gino and Kitty.