B goes to the Statesboro Fire DepartmentBeatrice went on a tour of the fire department yesterday.   A modest group attended the MOMs Club activity at the Statesboro/Hwy. 80 Fire House.  But, we went. Even though the firefighters did a great presentation, Beatrice is probably too young  to get much out of it. MOMs Club Fire Department Trip She did tell me that she “wants to be like Uncle Jon,” though.  Content to look around at the other children, watch the grown ups talk, and be held by women other than Mommy, she enjoyed socializing. 

Do you think she is too young to go to activities like this?  There are other children her age there.  But, sometimes I wonder.  Just because I am a Stay-At-Home doesn’t mean I have to stay at home, though.

She slept, well, like a baby when she got home.  Mission accomplished!   

P.S. I am sorry the picture is not very good. I left my memory card at home, so I just had to wing it.