My Grandaddy Tygart used to wrap our gifts in cartoon paper.  Certain it was a last minute whim to make things easy or a another way to save money, it is one of my favorite memories. Still, when I see the funny papers I think of Barbie Cars and Tonka Trucks under the tree. 

When I stumbled upon this idea from David Seo at Simply Green.  I became nostalgic.  Then, I remembered my Christmas Eco-Challenge.  Ah, ha.  Here it is. Here will be my first attempt to strip down our trash production.   

Hmm…you can use full pages from glossy magazines, maps, brochures, color copy pages and even an oversized instructional manual. You can also use the brown paper sacks from the grocery store.  You know, I think you can also get rolls of unused paper (unprinted) from the Statesboro Herald.  We used to use them for cheerleading banners in high school.   

When tied with a nice ribbon (all cut extra long so the recipient can reuse the ribbon easily on other gifts), it all looks really nice.   Ribbons with dots, and stripes, and fun colors will be super cute. I love the idea already.  So, this year don’t be surprised if your Christmas gift from the Hulsey’s comes wrapped in non-traditional paper and a gross grain ribbon. Be happy, give us a smile, and know that we are helping out the earth this year. 

Happy Operation Christmas Eco-Challenge!

P.S. It looks like my ‘boro blogging buddy, Laurel is up to eco-friendly Christmas, too.  You can mosey to At Home Laurel for more ideas. Great minds DO think alike : )!

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