Christmas always comes and goes as I get rather disgusted with the commercialism of the annual holiday.  My stomach gurgles with the thought of all of the overflowing trash cans the day after Christmas. You know what I mean.  I know you have seen all the cans lining the street with boxes, upon paper, upon, bows, upon mounds of trash.  It’s unearthly. It looks like Mountains of Rubbish have overtaken the flatlands of Georgia.  I can only imagine how much trash is created by the extravaganza. It’s such an eyesore especially as it reminds of how easy it is to get entangled with the season’s latest marketing ploy. 

This year, I have a dream.  I dream to be more simple, more green, more eco-friendly, and more frugal.  Considering this is Beatrice’s first holiday, I admit it may be difficult.  I accept the challenge.  My challenge to myself is to create less trash and give more gifts from the heart.  Those are the kind of gifts that I like to receive and to give.  So there, we have it. I will keep you posted from now until December 25th.  I will call it Operation Christmas Eco-Challenge.  Further, I will create a category to  file posts as I research and implement strategies. 

Here’s to a gift to Mama Earth this year. Less trash from the Hulsey’s!