Mom and Baby with Headband Gutan Tag, friends and family!  A chilly morning did not stop B and I from our exercise regimine.  Regretful it was not a healthy plight that drug me from the warmth of the cozy down comforter. Rather, it was the opportunity to FINALLY dress Beatrice in her lime green jogging suit that rousted me from my all-night cacoon. 

Admittedly, we didn’t make if far. We did go down Savannah Ave. and back.  Any exercise is good exercise at this point.  We were august with ourselves. simply proud to be up, about, and exercising at this hour. 

The crisp air surrounded us like wool of a sheep skin. It stuck close and was unmoving.  Tightly it layed like a fitted sheet upon our cheeks and fingers.

As we returned home, up the steps and into the warmth of our house, we felt somehow refreshed and splendid, pleased and spirited. The cool weather walk was a wonderful way to start the day. Better, it is a great way for us to start the week. 

Here are some photo’s I snapped as we were getting ready: 

smiling from the comforter   climbing the comforter with the head band

B in the Comforter with Headband   B from above in the comforter with the headband

I love the brown and pink polka dot head band.  Look out Jane. Beatrice is getting an early start on exercise. Go B Fonda. Go!