How to Make a Nappy Cake

Things you will need:

  • 100  (+ or -) diapers
  • Gifts to hide and to decorate the exterior
  • Rubber bands
  • papertowel rolls
  • A Disposable Cookie Tray
  • Ribbon – 8 feet of 1″ or larger for finishing tiers
  • wooden dowels
    1. To form the top of the diaper cake, roll up a diaper, starting at the ‘open’ top end.
    2. Wrap a rubber band around the rolled diaper to stop it from unrolling. I used hair-bands. They come in a box of 750.
    3. Add 5 more diapers to the rubber band.
    4. For the middle layer, repeat step 1. Then add a new, bigger rubber band and add about 15 diapers.
    5. For the base, repeat step 2. Add a very big rubber band and add about 30 diapers.
    6. Place the largest layer of the cake on the base.
    7. Remove one or two diapers and replace with a gift. Inside each layer, hide a surprise such as a coupon, a doll, some cream, or a piece of baby clothing.
    8. Once you have the gifts inserted into each layer, assemble the remaining tiers of the cake.
    9. Secure them together by carefully inserting wooden dowels through each layer from top to base.
    10. Add a ribbon around each layer to cover the rubber bands.
    11. To finish off  you can wrap the in cellophane or netting, if you like.

    *See photos of cakes I think are impressive here.

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