My Mom always tells of how she, Aunt Peggy and Grandmother would ride the Pink Pig in Atlanta.  It was above the downtown Rich’s store. Grandmother would take them to Atlanta to shop and go to the Doctor.  It must have been a long drive from Nashville (Georgia) with FIVE children.  I think I have also heard Uncle Jim talk about it.  If you know more about this story, please elaborate. Tell me because I only vaguely remember the details.  I think they would go each year and all come home with a sticker announcing, “I rode the Pink Pig.”  

Rich’s abandoned the Pink Pig as I remember getting Richie Bears from Grandmother for Christmas. However, they have brought back the pig. I will try to get the history on it.  

When I think of Christmas, Rich’s always comes to mind…still.  

Take part in a favorite Atlanta holiday tradition: ride the Pink Pig @ Macy’sin Lenox Square Shopping Mall on Peachtree Road from now until Dec. 31. Best for kids of all ages. The ride no longer loops the roof of Rich’s downtown but now is under a big tent through a life-size storybook that tells the story of the Pink Pig.The “I Rode the Pink Pig” sticker is one for the scrap books. Click here for hours and prices.