Guess what. Guess what. Guess what!  Beatrice and Barry played for the FIRST time yesterday. They actually interacted with each other. I know you know how crazy I am about Barry. And, I know you know how crazy I am about Beatrice. You know this makes mama proud.  Barry has ignored her much-unlike my dreams, my dreams that they would play and love each other.  During my pregnancy he was very attentive to my needs and very understanding. However, once Beatrice arrived he has been really low, lethargic, and seemingly depressed.  He completely ignores her as he will leave the room any time she approaches him. I caught a video of it yesterday.  I am still beaming. My children DO get along!

P.S. They are playing with one of the leftover daisy’s from the diaper cake (from earlier post).  I was going to return it for a refund. Oh, well. It is worth the dollar it cost to seem them interact with one another.