Oprah Winfrey spent Thursday night in Central Georgia as She’ll tape a show at the Macon City Auditorium tomorrow.  Oprah’s jet flew into the Middle Georgia Regional Airport shortly after 5:30 Thursday.

About an hour later, Oprah surprised diners at the Fish ‘N’ Pig restaurant on Lake Tobesofkee. Hmm…I do not think that I have ever been there.  Have you?

For more information on Oprah’s arrival click here. Or, check out A View from A Hearse where a Macon Blogger references Oprah’s arrival. He even has a few pictures of the crew set up.

Speaking of Oprah, this one brought tears to even my eyes   Oprah calls this the greatest love story ever told. You need to take some time out of this day to read this … right now. Not later. Stories like this are why I have faith that God exists but because of this story. Click here for the story Really. I promise, it’s good.