I spent the evening making cookies to accompany the Diaper Cake for Kelly’s Shower.  Concedingly, the confections look a like, well, a fifth grader bedecked them.  I wish that I could share a fancy recipe with you. 

Realistically though, I have Pilsbury  to thank.  Create-n-Bake The already mixed and rolled-into-a-tube dough was perfect. 

The whole task was relatively simple.  I baked the cookies. Let them cool. Then, decorated with Cake Mate Icing tubes. Cake Mate Cake Icing used on CookiesI highly recommend this type/brand of icing because it hardens.  This is critical for easy transporting.  The icing hardens so the cookies can be stacked.  The other type of icing required the little-rings-of-sugar-gold to be placed side by side. That is simply too much trouble for mwa.  

My only compaint about the icing is the color selection. Bi-Lo only carried the primary colors. Since the shower is for a little girl, I really wanted barbie-pink or something sparkley.  Oh, well. The good news is the color of the cookies will match the sunny diaper cake. DSCN0419

There are sixteen, actually there are 15 cookies.  I snuck one. I am sorry I couldn’t resist.  But anyway, I am taking 15 cookies.  Let’s see how many people actually eat one tomorrow. 

Do you think these will be a hit or miss? 

Stay tuned. I will post the results.