Okay, we have been living in our house over a year now.  If you have visited you probably noticed that seating is an issue, a real issue. We don’t have any chairs.  In my defense, I was pregnant and on bed rest for most of our tenure here.  I don’t know how to explain the 8 months since Bea’s arrival. I guess, I have just been lazy. Or, perhaps too picky. 

When GG visited last week she was very bothered that we did not have any dining room chairs. And, you know what that means. She initiated a mission.  Operation Find the Hulseys Something to Sit On.  She scoured the furniture stores and antique stores. And, I think she hit a few yard sales.  She preyed upon every possible furniture vendor in the area. She loved every minute of it. 

The results of her frisking:  six dynamite chairs. 

She probed. She proded. And ultimately she rummaged until she won. This was her steeple chase.  Ours, too.  We are the ones who reaped the benefit of her grouse. 

She pressed-on even after the gunning-down. She took the project a step further. She did not just win, she REALLY scored.  She suggested that my mom give them to us for Christmas. Go Granma, go!  So, thank you Grandmother and thank you Mom. The chairs are in great condition. They are beautiful.  They will look marvelous once we have them recovered.  Better, you will have a place to sit when you visit next. 

May all of YOUR coursing’s reap a capture.  May all of your sifting, snooping, shopping and sporting result with such booty. 

Sitting pretty,



Antique Chairs We brought them home on Saturday.

Here’s a close up. The seats are in immaculate condition but they are gold, like the gold of church pews.  The gold doesn’t really match our decor. Close up of Antique ChairMaybe I can con Lauren into helping me pick out some fabric. Lauren, yew-hew, sweet decorater one: I need your help.  Or Lea, you are good with this kind of thing, too.  I do like the wood work of the chairs. Brian is thinking about painting them black. What do you think?  Oh, if you are wondering the location of the capture, we found them a Heritage House Antiques on Highway 80 in Brooklet.