Traci sent me these pictures earlier this week as I have not had the time to post them until now.  Beatrice was SO tiny. I can hardly believe it. She looks so different now!  The photos are from a wedding shower for Megan and their wedding.  I guess, Beatrice was only a few weeks old at the shower and around six weeks at the wedding.  Here are the pics:

 Kelly and I.  I look so “puffy.”  I think this is where  Kelly caught the fever.

b and anny 3 Anny & B.  b and anny 2 with aunt linda Aunt Linda helps Anny.  B and anny Fussy Baby. Anny’s going to be a good mother one day.  She’s smiling despite B’s protest. 

yawning b Brian’s Mom with Baby B-So-Sleepy.

sleeping b kissing b

Traci Traci the family photographer. Is she gorgeous, or what?