You know how much Ilove my pouch. Well, I found this. If you are one of my mam friends you will want to sign up. 

Free Stuff & Fab Deal: Chic designer style for baby-wearing mamas.
Click over to Mamanista to checkout their fab deals and give-aways, too many to mention here. One freebie in particular that caught my eye was an offer to win a delicious red Bronwen sling. Not only that, Bronwen is offering a 15% discount off sling purchases if you write “mamanista” in the comments section at checkout. To enter to win the red silk flocking pouch sling above ($64 value), simply add a comment to the Mamanista post telling them your favorite style (other than the red silk flocking and Marimekko Samovaari). See Mamanista for details. Contest ends November 26, 11:59 PM EST.