Dear Readers: 

Uh, oh. I know it is no surprise to you but my grammar is really bad.  And, it always has been.  For instance, in college at the University of Georgia,  I made an A in creative writing which is super difficult to do. It was the only ‘A’ in the entire class.  It was quite an honor.  But, I barely made a ‘C’ in English 101 which focused on grammer, punctuation, etc. despite diligent efforts.  Per the comment on the post, I am sorry.  Hearing people mis-use grammar sounds like chalk on a chalkboard to me.  As a reader of this blog you will simply have to excuse my errors.   I am sure the chalk will screech repeatedly, and more often than I realize.  I typically blog either while nursing or late at night without  pre-writing, editing, etc.  It’s a free flow, an outlet not a show. It’s impromptu.  I am thankful that you brought it to my attention as I will try to make amends, but please do not take it personal when I break rules.  Oh, and as you notice grammatical errors feel free to continue to advise me of the rules.  I do try to change bad habits.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

It’s hard to teach an old dogs new tricks.