Our Christmas Tree is up!

It’s been a hustle bustle at the Hulsey House today.  We re-arranged the furniture.  I mean like, we moved the den in the office and the office into the den -lots of lifting.  And, we put up the Christmas decorations including the tree, pine cone mini tree, stockings, and front door wreath.  Our efforts began with gusto, yet we were exhausted by the afternoon’s conclusion. We were so tired we didn’t even put all the ornaments on the tree.  It was a lot of work to put all those limbs on the pole!

Brian wanted all white lights as that is what we hung.  However, I secretly wanted to use our colored lights.  I have bundles of the old-school, bulky, bulb-like strands that have blue, red, and green lights.  He thinks those are cheesy.  You know the style that I am talking about. They remind me of the lights on my Grandmother’s tree as a child. They are so old fashioned and so cute.  I love them even though he thinks they are tacky.

In all the moving, I have misplaced my camera.  So, I can’t show you any pictures.  Keep your fingers crossed that I find it soon.