My tree is kind of bare without a tree topper or a garland. My creativity has run dry as I searched on the internet for ideas.  Low and behold, you won’t believe what I found. It is so bizarre that I have to share it.  I mean, you just won’t believe the creativity of some people.  Please don’t think I am repulsive, or that I will adorne our tree top with this number.  But, this is just so well, over the top. I have to show it to you.  Where do you think people find the time to come up with things like this?

Christmas Tree Topper: Made with Tampons


Nothing Says Christmas like a Tampon Christmas Star at the top of the tree, right?

These pristine snowflakes make a perfect glittery Christmas tree topper, or hang a few in the window for some holiday sparkle. Go to Tampon to see how to make this one for yourself.

Here’s a link to the blog where I found this, HERE.