I really don’t feel like blogging much tonight. So, I am reposting – a simple cut and paste -an old email from another Bulloch County Native.  The document cleaves to the Statesboro theme that has been rippling through my latest entries. Note: the wave is unintentional.Admittedly I am a Statesboro Fossil, a 32 year old artifact of the back country. Yet, some of these facts are more mature than I. I have a few “memories” of my own that I will add, perhaps on a later post. If you can think of any let me know.DO YOU REMEMBER…

  • When Vandy’s was ONLY located on W. Vine Street , and you could count on Vandy Boyd to “pinch” a taste of barbecue from your plate, as he sat it on the counter?
  • When you could get Lehman Gerrald to cut your hair….down those mysterious stairs underneath the Bulloch County Bank?
  • When the Kentucky Fried Chicken was only a take-out window in the back of the Paragon restaurant?
  • When you could count on there being AT LEAST one new Cadillac, one new Oldsmobile, and one new GMC truck on display at Woodcock Motor Company?
    (But hardly ever MORE than one of each.)
  • When Barnes Funeral Home was located between Pearle Screws’ Texaco
    Station, and Bill Tucker’s Sinclair Station? (And didn’t Buddy Barnes just have
    the perfect look of an undertaker?)
  • When it was 12 LONG miles from the city limits of Statesboro to Brooklet?
  • When you always looked forward to going to Minkovitz, and having Sol or Ike
    Minkovitz fit you perfectly in that new suit? (And speaking of Minkovitz- didn’t they have almost everything? and how about the elevator – with a real elevator operator? When – if you couldn’t find something “nice” at Henry’s or Tilli’s or Minkovitz – your were just out of luck?
  • When you really wanted to ride on that old, hand-drawn, freight elevator
    at W.C. Akins & Son Hardware?
  • When there was nothing but corn & cotton where Statesboro Mall is now?
  • When everybody PROPERLY said “it’s up yonder on the 4-Lane”, instead of “I believe they’re located on Northside Drive West “?
  • When all the youth (of driving age) went down to the A & W, to “squall a tire”?
  • When Lannie Simmons sold Studebaker cars and trucks?
  • When the “FAMILY” Drive-In Theatre, really was for the entire family?
  • When you could count on Leodel and G.C . Coleman to print all the news that you really needed to know?
  • When a trip to McConnell’s and/or McClellans dime stores was a great way to spend the day, and spend your allowance?
  • When EVERYBODY “came to town” on Saturday?
  • When you count on Roger Holland or Ed Smart to make sure you had the perfect pair of glasses?
  • When you referred to your doctor as ” Dr. Johnny ,” or “Dr. Albert “, or “Dr. Bird,” and everybody knew who you were talking about?
  • When Franklin’s Restaurant was open 24 hours a day & advertised the “World’s
    Worst Apple Pie”?
  • When you could always count on seeing James Aldred , with that #2 lead pencil
    stuck behind his ear, at Aldred’s Food Mart?
  • When J.B. Johnson delivered your dry cleaning from Register Dry Cleaners,
    in that green Chevrolet panel truck?
  • When people gave you their telephone numbers by saying ” PO ( or Poplar)
  • When everyone knew exactly where “Go past Joe Hodges ‘ store…” was
  • When the Banks family put cold fresh, City Dairy milk on your doorstep everyday?
  • When the Coke float from Ellis Drug Company was better than it had to be?
  • When you loved to hear people say that they lived in the Sinkhole
    District, and wondered where it was? (And where in the world was Jimps?)
  • When you heard the latest news, sports and weather from Ray Shader, and the
    tops in pops from Ray Classens, over “WWNS radio, 1240 on your dial, in
    Statesboro , Georgia “?
  • When the “Buggy & Wagon” was where you went to purchase a “nicer” gift?
  • When Dr. Henderson was the “head man” at Georgia Southern (and
    “always” had been)?
  • When Fair Road used to be the Pembroke Highway ?
  • When you could spend all day at the Georgia Theater, or the Regional Library, or the Rec Department, and it was okay (your parents didn’t worry a bit about you?)
  • When everyone called the open shelter next to the Rec Department swimming pool the “Pav -a- Lon”? (no- NOT pavillion – – – say it right: Pav – uh – Lon!!!) –and you could get those great frozen Milky Ways there?)
  • When you could give people directions by telling them to “go out past Pine Inn”, or “go right past Red Bug Haven”, or “just as you get past Upper Lotts Creek Primitive Baptist Church, turn right…” — and they’d get to where they needed to go?
  • When seeing ( Clinton) Tucker ride that big Harley Duo-Glide , just made
    you feel a little scary?
  • When Jim Brock used to ACTUALLY bottle Coca Cola, at the Statesboro Coca
    Cola Bottling Company?
  • When Gay & Marsh sold American gasoline, and Leland Riggs (at 4-Points
    Service Station) sold Atlantic gasoline?
  • When “Mizz” Jessie Averitt always had a sucker for you at the First Federal?
  • When important gatherings were held in the Lamplighter Room at the Howard
    Johnson ‘s?
  • When you could always count on seeing and hearing a little smoking, drinking & cussing down at Bird’s Pond?

What do YOU remember?

*Text cut and pasted from an email — I have not edited it in any way

Photo:  060121 Country Road in Bulloch County  Originally uploaded by rlee1