Now is the time to begin thinking about handmade gifts, gift tags, and wrapping paper.† There is still plenty of time to get it all done.† Bring fresh ideas, create a gameDIY gift wrap plan, make a shopping list, then gather supplies.

Parents magazine has†easy Holiday craft ideas &†sweet treat recipes†in their latest issue.

You don’t have to do the whole craft by hand. You can cheat.†††If you can only muster†two hours for Holiday crafts and baking you will create memories to last for lifetime.† Go ahead.† Take shortcuts if you need to.† You can get ready-made cookie dough†and easy craft sets from the craft store.††That doesn’t matter.† What matters is that your gifts are from your heart and that you and your child have fun making them.†

The memories will last much longer the gifts.† Visions of sewing Christmas presents with my Grandmother STILL dance through my head.† And, it’s been a long time folks!

So, grab some plain wrapping paper to stamp or color.† Get a premade project from the store. Pull your sewing machine out of the attic. And, well, do whatever you have to do or as little as you have to do.† But, arrange just a little time this holiday to spend time with your family making gifts, or creating wrapping paper.† You will be making traditions. You will be glad that you did!