Pregger Kelly and Pregger Mrs. Joyce

Beatrice and I went to Kelly’s Baby Shower today.  Admittedly, I was nervous that we wouldn’t make it through the whole celebration.  Beatrice is cutting her TOP AND BOTTEM teeth!  Mama is worn out.

I was a bit ragged but Beatrice did well.  She’s a socializer.  She nibbled on the orderves as she especially liked the chicken.  Granny Hulsey, Aunt Megan, Nicole and Mrs. Joyce helped entertain her.  

I snapped a few pictures.  Yet,  I did not get one of Megan.  I will get you at Christmas, girl! 

Mrs. Joyce and Beatrice with a Cracker

Nicole and Beatrice at Kelly's Baby Shower The Harvilees and Kelly Three Generations - Mrs. Joyce, Kelly, and Mrs. Becky