So while I am having a Georgia Bulldog, I mean, BullDAWG posting frenzy(post 1, post 2), I get this picture from the other cousin.  You know I have to post it. 

The family loves the dawgs.  We love them in the fall, in the spring, on holidays, and part of the family already have rooms rented for the bowl. They booked the rooms before they even knew which bowl!

My husband’s white American Bulldog is named “Sugar” because she was born on a year the dawgs went to the Sugar Bowl. ”Lucky lady,” he thought when he graced her with the name. 

Uncle Marion was even quoted in the AJCfor being a huge dawg follower.  Now, that’s a big fan because the Atlanta Journal Constitutionis connected to a LOT of dawg fans. But, they picked Uncle Marion from right here in Statesboro

The family has the fever and the 50 yard line tickets to prove it!

Back to the picture.  Do they look super cute or what?  Ut-Um, I believe they got this photo over at Larita & Company. 

If you read my blog regularly, you may be beginning to wonder “is she related to everybody in Statesboro?”  The answer is they are all my husband’s cousins.  If I weren’t married to him, I would only be related to two other people in this town:  my mother and my father. 

Mandy, Wes, and Abby — Ya’ll look so dawg gone good.  I will claim you every day of the week!  

Goooooooooooo Dawgs. And, Merry Christmas to you, too!