We went for flu boosters today.  Beatrice has become very friendly.  She was practically jumping out of the pouch to socialize with the patients. 

The lady next to me asked if I would let her sit with her son.  “Sure,” I said with hesitation.  I wish I were not so reserved. The dubiety was unwarranted because Beatrice loved every minute of it. She talked to him, reached for his ears, waved her arms and legs, and a laughed and smiled.  Three of the women behind the desk came to the window to check out the commotion.   It was hilarious! 

Here, look for yourself: 

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The poor boy was overwhelmed.  He did not let out a peep. He barely flinched.  I think she took him by surprise. 

Oh, did I mention he had red hair?

9 Months to the Day Eating a Sock 

While I am here I have to tell you that it’s her 9 month birthday.
Yay! We come a long way baby!