Toxic baby formula?

canned-formula.jpg  The Environmental Working Group,an advocacy and research organization, says in a new report that liquid formula from the nation’s top baby formula makers is sold in cans lined with bisphenol-A.  BPA is a hormone-mimicking chemical that has been found to cause hyperactivity, sexual development abnormalities and pediatric brain cancer in laboratory animals. This gives good reason to avoid liquid infant formula packaged in cans.  Perhaps, it is a better option to use powdered formula, liquid formula not in cans, or breastfeed exclusively.

According to media reports, formula makers acknowledge the presence of BPA, but say it is not harmful. The Food and Drug Administration agrees.  Hmm…I don’t think it is something I would like to risk.  This is definitely a subject that deserves greater research. 

Concerns were raised earlier this year about BPA in plastic, shatterproof baby bottles and sippy cups. For suggestions on safer bottles and cups, click here.

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