The Maze of Human Life

The symbol to the left comes from the Hopi peoples (Native Americans who live in the southwestern United States).Other tribes also use it. It suggests that we each come into life with a certain “maze” to run, challenges and obstacles that we meet to complete our spiritual evolution.

According to the Hopi, we do not come into the world empty handed. Rather, we bring with us “light”–lessons and gifts we have to offer. We let our light shine.

In this holiday time of the winter solstice I find myself contemplating this symbol, asking how I’ve done this year to fulfill both the challenges of the maze and in discovering the gift I am here to give. I search. I think through inflection, and I hope that I am letting my light shine, that I am giving my gifts and talents and that I have evolving rather than regressing in my spiritual evolution.

Hopi Maze SymbolMore about the symbol: One of its representations is that of mother and child -the connection of earth mother to us as her children. The beginning, straight center-line represents the child or our philosophical beginnings the surrounding maze represents the enfolding energies of mother earth. Note the maze does not enclose the center-line representing the child. The symbolism is strong when we realize the support of the mother is constantly around yet our ability to venture independently own is always available.

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