Okay, I admit it.† It sounded too good to be true when Organic milk was advertised for $2.57 a half gallon sounded at Avalon Cow PortraitTarget.†

But on our last trip to Savannah, I bought it anyway.† I didn’t make a special trip. Rather, I picked up some with our other shopping.† It’s a deal, right? I was super†excited to find an affordable brand of organic milk.† Horizon or Organic Valley†is often†$3, sometimes $4 per half†gallon.†Yikes!† “I AM a frugal mama. Yippie,” I rewarded myself.† “Good mama, good shopper,” I patted myself on the back. Then along comes this Associated Press article about how some store brand organic milk, including Targetís Archer Farms bargain basement buy, was not truly organic.† You WOULD know.†

Apparently, the organic milk in Target under its own label comes from Aurora Organic Dairy, which also supplies Wal Mart, Costco and Wild Oats with their store brands of organic milk. Earlier this year, there was some question whether Aurora was diluting the principles of organic agriculture in the interest of producing milk as cost-effective†as possible.

The good news: at least according to the article, Aurora has made improvements. Both Aurora and Target defend the product as organic, noting the company was allowed to keep its organic certification.

Itís difficult enough for families to afford organic milk, which comes from cows that have not been treated with hormones or antibiotics. When questions like these arise, it makes you wonder if paying the extra money and (literally in this case)††driving the extra mile is even worth it.

Do you buy organic? Why or why not?