Picture of Daria  I know you have heard of Locks of Love.  Snip. Snip. Snipity.  I always considered donating my hair when I had it cut from really long to short, but admittedly, when the day came it was far from my mind. I am so impressed that Megan at A Look Into My World donated her hair.

She had super long, gorgeous straight blond hair. Yes, it was the kind that we all long for – naturally gorgeous.  I know that it will provide a child with a beautiful set of locks. 

I am proud to tell you, too, that she is my sister-in-law.  Kudos to you Megan!  If you get a chance, skip over to her site and give her lots of bloggey love. I am super proud of her. This is such a nice gesture.  Visit her post here.

In the case you are considering donating your hair here is a video: 

New Step-By-Step Video On

How To Donate Hair

Along with Nexxus Salon Hair Care, Locks of Love has created an easy-to-follow, brief video tutorial educating interested donors and their hair stylists on the proper steps for donating. The video details hair requirements, such as length and condition and mailing rules, including proper storage of cut hair. A big thank you to Nexxus Salon Hair Care and Nexxus celebrity stylist Roy Teeluck for his help with demonstrating a proper cut.

Click Anywhere on the Video to Watch