Hi you guys. I am sorry I have been a slacker blogger. It seems I am bubbling with lots to share but have very little time to designate to the computer.  I forgot, yes I am a terrible mother, I forgot my camera over the break.  Yep. You’ve got it. That means I don’t have any pictures from Christmas.  I was pretty sneaky as I coerced family members into using their cameras and sending the photos. However, I have not received any holiday photography…yet.  Keep your fingers crossed. 

Now, to the event of the day.  Beatrice received a training potty for Christmas. Lucky her, right?  Actually, I am happy about it. It is cute with a little “flusher” that includes sound effects.  After making the flushing sound it says, “good girl” strangely in Aunt Kathy’s voice.  Could Aunt Kathy be one of Santa’s Elves? hmm…

Anyway, while unpacking I decided after deliberation to remove it from the box and sit it in the bathroom corner.  At least the proximity to the Adult Toilet would perhaps foster association, right? 

You are not going to believe this but: Beatrice TT’ed init once today (to my shock).  She later TT’ed on the floor next to it. And, she went #2 in her diaper while sitting on top of the trainer toilet. 

Isn’t this weird?  Do you think she is trying to tell me that she would like to start potty training?  Is 9 months too early?  How does she know what to do in there? 

I have been researching it on the Internet (& called my Mom, my Sister, and my Grandmother) this afternoon. 

Early infant potty training seems like a lot of work. Is it worth it?  Have you tried it? Should I be using cloth diapers?

HELP!  I am a first time Mom. I have no experience in this area. I do not want to start too early, nor be psycho.  Yet, if she is interested, I would like to introduce the concept.  Isn’t this supposed to be hard?  I need your advice.

*photo by bombhead