Even in the craziest, wildest of seasons, this Sugar Bowl couldn’t be predicted. No one could have seen this Sugar Bowl coming.  Let me repeat, no one.

The first part of the season dawg fans and coaches could not even talk about goals like conference championships and major bowls.  Both appeared out of reach for the Bulldogs.  Then out of no-where Georgia (10-2) gained momentum. And, lots of it. The dawgs haven’t lost since.  They’ve been playing as well as any team in the country.

Conversely, five time zones west of Athens, Hawaii put together perhaps the most neglected perfect season in college football history. The Warriors were 12-0.  Who knew?

Tonight, these two teams will meet for the first time, a traditional Southeastern Conference powerhouse taking on an up-and-coming program from paradise.

I think, it might be the most interesting game on the postseason schedule. 

Marcus Howard (UGA Defensive End) said, “They’re undefeated, so I know they’re approaching this as a championship game.”  You bet they are Marcus!

Even without a national title on the line, it’s a fascinating game:

_ Can the Warriors, who went undefeated against an unimpressive schedule cope with an opponent that knocked off defending national champion Florida and three other bowl-bound teams during its six-game winning streak?  I hope not.

_ How will Georgia’s defense fare against Heisman Trophy finalist Colt Brennan and an offense unlike anything the Bulldogs have faced all season? 

_ Will the Bulldogs be intimidated by the Polynesian war dance? Can the Warriors counter the emotional boost Georgia expects to get from donning its black jerseys?

“I really don’t have a good feel for how it’s going to go,” Coach Richt said on Monday. “We haven’t played them before. We haven’t played anybody like them. Their style of football is very different from anyone we’ve played. I imagine we’re a lot different from most people they’ve played.”

The Bulldogs will wear black again tonight.  I love it. Compared to past season’s Richt has kept a handle on the team’s pulse.  He’s been taking the heartbeat and feeling their emotions. 

A Hawaii player said:  “We’ve had big games, but not like this one. This is like a Super Bowl to us.”

A Super … make that Sugar Bowl no one saw coming.

Even though I think the dawgs should really be in the BCS I predict they will come home sticky sweet tonight – with a Sugar Bowl Trophy by a 30 point lead. 

Gooooooooooooooooooooo Dawgs!

And, happy times to Allison, Daph, and Linsay who get to see the game first hand. We are super jealous!

*Photo by sundancekidon Flickr
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