No one ever accomplishs anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to this whisper which is heard by him alone.  – Thomas Carlyle


Becky at Boys Rule my Life, has started a new carnival, beginning today, called Simple and Slow Fridays.  I found out from one of my favorite ‘boro bloggers, Laurel at Happy At Home

Becky’s challenge for the week: 

“Be conscious of the different kinds of noise you allow into your life. Begin to eliminate any that don’t enhance the present moment.”

This is such a great challenge, especially for me. 

Once entangled in the hustle of entrepreneurship my mind and my life were like an Atlanta turnpike at rush hour.  Ideas flew-by in the fast lane.  They were loaded vehicles full of brainstorms, clues, and concepts. The passengers screamed and yelled in an irate frenzy. 

Intentions hitch-hiked near the perimeter, hoping for my attention.  “Please, pick me up,” they bargained.

The sound of my cell phone honked a constant siren of annoying road rage.  Emails and voice messages poked, prodded, bumped me.  Solutions crashed in the median.  My life and my mind were a constant rush.  I woke early, obsessively visited the gym, worked hard, talked much, and went to bed late. Life was a rush, a push, a race to the daily finish line.

I became selfish, rude and pretentious.  Hour by hour I bulldozed through, thrusting and shoving my inner-self to the side. 

Hindsight is 20/20.  Looking back it was miserable, although I have to admit I loved every minute while the pursuit was on. 

Due to a strict prescription for bed-rest the last six weeks of my pregnancy, life was forced to an abrubt halt.  Without an option, things had to slow down.  I fought the serenity of my doctor’s order tooth and nail.  Ignoring the I found myself being rushed to the hospital with skyrocketing blood pressure that was harmful to my baby. It was hard to “be still.” I despised the lack of pace while it was endured.  Yet it had to be done.  Despite my aversion ,the peace gave me a chance to recall who I really am. With all-day and all-night to be still, I centered…a lot, by choice or not.  I couldn’t move for 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I bored with television and returned to reading books and listening to music - two loves I had betrayed.  I was able to revisit with the girl I am and hang-out with the woman inside of me. 

From that point on, I have quiet-ened my life.  And, it’s been wonderful.  I sold my business, got a library card and a new lap top and try to turn inward when I can.  I try to tune into myself, my child, my husband, and my dogs.  My life isn’t perfect, nor without excitement.  It isn’t dull. It is just more calm, milder, and more tranquil than before.

Here are three things that I (try to) do in a plight for a quiescent day:  

  • Turn off the television:  I watch what I want when I want but that is not much.  The only show I watch regularly is Oprah — and that is only when there is nothing else to do. Well, I do catch pieces of Project Runway, Snoop Dog’s Fatherhood, the Hannah Montana/Billy Ray Show (wow. I can not believe I just admitted that), and Inside Edition. I try not to leave it on — or I will be sucked into any of the above shows, and more. 
  • Play soothing music:  I learned the power of music while at the birth center – but that is another post.  I play background music of classical and acoustical type music in our home.  It’s not weird or anything, rather it’s a low hum.  By downloading cds onto the computer and thru listening to the itunes radio I have a library full of tunes. 
  • Put the phone away:  I turn my phone off while I am nursing Beatrice, bathing her, or playing with her.  I return the calls upon finishing or while driving – that way I can give my full attention to the caller and to my baby. 

Thanks for including me in the carnival Becky! Here’s wishing you a happy, still day, away from the turnpike of noise and busy-ness. 

Be quiet. Be restful. Stop the waves as you let the ripples begin.  Peace!