Wow. This article from the Timesis SO inspiring to me.  I love the idea. I love old barns. 
A couple bought an old, dilapidated, crappy barn north of Manhattan for $150K and renovated to make it warm and livable. The idea of buying a crummy old barn or warehouse and fixing it up gets me so excited.  If you came to my wedding you will know how much I like this idea.  Doesn’t it sound romantic and fun.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a farm house to vacation to, especially in upstate New York?  Brian and I spent a long time exploring upstate New York when we did our 1/2 year lap around the United States.  It’s God’s Country up there. 
A place in the country for my dogs to run free (and me, too) sounds so enticing and appealing.  Brian, get your project calendar out and your tool belt positioned!