Remember the beautiful HGTV 2008 Dream Home that I told you about

The first floor of the house has a garage with a sports closet – because you’re definitely want to get in the fishing action in the  Well girls, I have been dreamin’ of a new vacation spot since I posted the link.  A pool, a cabana boy, a Yukon to drive while on vacation, a tan to cover my motherhood-whitehood, and a lot of fishing, swimming, and margarrrrritas.  Ahhhh, yeah. 

The clear water and fine sand of the Florida Keys beat the Georgia Coast any day! 

But, I am wondering…would it be a tax nightmare?  I am not an accountant but consider myself pretty-okay with numbers. I don’t want to be a party pooper but it is simply not adding up to me. 

Case in point:  apparently Don Cruz of Illinois was the last winner.  Winning the Dream home seemed to be the answer to his family’s financial problems, and it was if they considered it a gift of money after taxes and not an actual home.

Remember, I am looking for a new beach house.  But, I guess, I could look at it like a lottery.  The money would be fine (a-okay with me).  But, did you know that the Cruz’s did not even even win the land with the home! The land is owned by the city of Tyler, Texas.  

I think, winning the Dream Home is more like winning the lottery than an actual home as the televised building is more a promotion than a home give away.  Is that what you are gathering?

The Cruz’s booty, the $1.5 million Dream Home, included $600,000 federal and $30,000 in property taxes.  Nice work, Cruz’s. Who wants to win that?  More,  they won other gifts they had to pay taxes on, too and they had to pay for the upkeep of the house ie. electricity, landscaping, etc. The house they won in 2005 was up for auction, yesterday, January 8, 2008. No, I am not kidding.   

    “WORRY DOLL LEGEND – There is a legend amongst the Highland Indian villages of Guatemala: “If you have a problem, then share it with a worry doll. Before going to bed, tell one worry to each doll, then place them beneath your pillow. Whilst you sleep, the dolls will take your worries away!” 

Maybe I should get the Cruz’s a full set of Worry Dolls.  I’ll order a dozen and a half of those please!

According to Michael Emilio, no Dream Home winner has EVER lived in their prize!  And, Emily Yarborough, the HGTV spokeswoman even admits it, “We maintain that the Dream Home sweepstakes is just about living your dream” not necessarily living in THEIR dream home. 

Hmm…I am rethinking my dream of the Dream Home.   Maybe I am glad I haven’t had a chance to enter yet.  Maybe I am happy to NOT have a dream house in the keys. 

On second thought, I’ll take my chances. I will keep dreaming!

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