Whew, we made it. And, we made it good, girls. Yay!

Balls, boys, girls, toys, laughter, smiles, merriment and jovial pleasurements filled our house today.   Beatrice and I were hostesses for a morning playgroup.   As hostess-playgroup-newbies it was wild, crazy, chaotic, and loads of fun. 

We go to a lot of play dates but usually shy at the opportunity to have people at our house. 

Due to a long night from the night-weaning process (and, I do mean L-O-N-G), I opted for a culinary quickie including donut holes and sesame street crackers. The store-bought snacks were yummy! I didn’t even have time to get juice for the group on my morning sprint for food to serve.  We had cold water. Poor kids, right?  Despite the lack of home-baked-ness the donute holes & crackers were a hit. 

Brian is thrilled that we hosted the amusement because the house got an all over cleaning.  “Can you have these more often,” he bargained today.  “I will help clean if you will have more of them,” he volunteered.

Even Barry and Sugar liked the event.  ”Please have another one soon,” they barked.   They scavenged the living room rug for all morsels of dropped food upon the conclusion of the event.  They scored a few cracker bits and pieces of donut.  Our maid (ie. me) REALLY likes that!

The whole family is ready to do it again, and again.

  Beatrice told Elmo and Barry to be on their best behavior before her friends arrived.