Interesting fact found in the Stoneyfield Farm Moosletter:

According to the Danish daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende, about one of every ten purchases in Copenhagen is organic, which makes Denmarks largest city the organic food capital among the worlds capital cities. Copenhagen’s organic food purveyors include gourmet restaurants, cafes, delicatessens, and supermarkets. And 45 percent of the food served in city-run facilities is organic. Copenhagen politicians say they’d like to see only organic food served in most of the city’s old-age homes and homes for children, by the year 2015.

Copenhagen, Denmark
It’s interesting that the politician’s opinion is mentioned.  I know they have big-goverment and big taxes. Despite the latter, the country is noted as one of the happiest in the world.  I saw it on 20/20 or Sixty Minutes the other night. 
Hmm…maybe Brian, Beatrice and I should move to Denmark as we could eat more organic food and be happier!
What do you think?  Do you wish more restaurants offered organic foods?  Or, even local foods?  Or, does it even matter?  Would it make a difference in what you order or where you dine?  I am just curious.