Brian and I squeezed in a mini-date on Sunday. We scored enough time to go to the movies.  Yahoo! 

Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson in The Bucket List 

It was fun to get away to The Bucket List matinee.  I love Jack Nicholson .  And Morgan Freeman. I fell in love with Morgan’s work back in Shawshank Redemption .  He has been on the top of my fave list since.  So, it was a no-brainer when we decided which movie to go see.  Despite being a little predictable and corny, the film’s “heart” can not be overlooked. 

The movie’s comedy is prevalent enough to present a light-hearted take on an often sobering theme:  immortality.  It is hilarious at times and touching at others. 

I swear that Brian teared-up during the movie, although he suggests otherwise. I did not cry, yet I saw others who were. I must admit, I am not a “cryer” as it takes fine acting, reality, and drama to push tears through my ducts. 

We both left the movie pondering our own mortality and considering our personal bucket lists.  I suppose everyone has a “bucket list” per se.  Hmm…do you have one?  What is it that you just don’t want to leave here without doing?  I desperately want to go to Africa, on a Safari. I want to go to South America, too.  The short list is: I want to do more international traveling. How about you?

Here’s a quick off-the-cusp list for me:

1.  Experience an African Safari

2. See the Great Wall of China

3. Give Birth to Another Child

4.  Float on the Amazon River

But, wouldn’t all this be really expensive?  Yes, I think so.  How much would it cost to do the real ”Bucket List” from the movie? Not counting the cost of a tattoo, it’s about $105,730 for two. Yikes! Maybe I better include: get a better paying job, win the lottery, or cash in on the HGTV Dream Home. 

What is on your bucket list? Leave me a comment so that I can dream. Maybe I will add your list to mine!